Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quilting Links

by Kelly

Dawn recently posted about the double wedding ring quilting project she and Donna are considering. I am always willing to throw myself headlong into a new project, but I have never quilted before, so I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute. So I have been scurrying around the interwebs, doing some research, and found some sites worth visiting.

 TLC has added a quilting section to their site.

Some other attractions at TLC include : knitting patterns, how to's, and a knitting quiz (part of their GetSmart Challenge), and of course their tips and videos for extreme couponing. Not that I know anyone who clips coupons...

Then there's a tutorial for a pretty lattice work pillow on Sew Sweetness

But since I'm really lazy, I think I would use wide bias tape to form the lattice, rather than piecing it out. And wouldn't this design look cute with a white lattice over rose printed fabric? And then put that pillow on a porch swing??? Now if only I had fabric with roses...or a porch swing...

But for tons of crazy quilting goodness, the best site to visit is one of my favorites, Pin Tangle.  I visit for the lovely embroidery, but quilting is really what Pin Tangle is all about.

Sharon's blog offers embroidery stitch tutorials, free patterns, and a 100 block crazy quilt that she has slowly been sharing, one square at a time. Each block is an individual work of art, and well worth a look. She's only on block fifty, so there are plenty of surprises yet to come.


  1. That pillow is really cute and yes - roses and lattice would be gorgeous. I'm totally intimidated by quilting but I guess I'd try. Isn't Donna making you guys one?

  2. Yes, she is, just a simple one - two colors of fabric with batting sandwiched between them. i'm thinking the wedding ring will be a wee bit harder. And if it makes you feel less intimidated, at least we're not sewing by hand, which is the part I was really dreading. I can embroider pretty well, but my hand sewing is...less than professional.


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