Friday, January 20, 2012

Color Me Happy

Though I am hard pressed to figure out what Pantone, Inc. actually sells, apparently they are the authority on color (who knew) and every year they decree what the Color of the Year will be. This can have far reaching effects, from paint companies to couture clothing and now to those of us busily stockpiling yarn for our next project. Are you ready for the 2012 Color of the Year?

Tangerine Tango!Not a huge orange fan myself, but this shade has a lot of red in it and an overall warm and sunny, Spanish feel that I find appealing on these frigid winter days. Lots of yarn companies are adding shades of tangerine to their collections including this stunner from Jimmy Beans Wool -

What kind of projects would look good with this color?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Branching Out

Another crochet goal of mine for 2012 is to stretch my comfort zone a bit. I certainly spent more time in 2011 crocheting than I had previously and mastered a few new things - like simple clothing and such. I think, like Stephany, I really enjoy making afghans the most. Scarves are great for a quick accomplishment, but there's something about looking at the size of a finished afghan that makes me feel like I've accomplished something big. I came across a beautiful pattern for a strip afghan called, Irish Lace and Roses. It's worked in strips, then joined using the looping technique that Donna used a while back. It also has white crocheted roses appliqued over all. I decided to jump in (not unlike me) and quickly needed the Donna hotline. The strips are shells with picots in between and while I had done picots I must have been reading the pattern incorrectly and was chaining across instead of up. Naturally, my shell count was off but Donna straightened me out quickly and I'm off and running. I thought I'd post occasional updates as I go. There are 6 panels of green shells and picots, which I am currently doing. Each panel is 110 rows and I am about 70 into the first one. I'll post again when I start tackling the looping - not before an emergency call to Donna I'm sure :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping Day

With the holidays over and done with, my couponing king is back. For those who don't know - my DH (Darling Husband) is a bit addicted to couponing. The holidays set him back a bit, no time to devote to his second favorite hobby (baseball ranks #1), but back he is and with a vengeance! He did a number of shopping trips this weekend and I'll post his big haul momentarily, but first I have to show this one...

This may not look too impressive until I tell you that he spent 69 cents for it (95% savings).

  • 1 roll foil

  • 1 roll plastic wrap

  • 1 box of potatoes

  • 2 seasoning mixes

  • 20 string cheese

Wow! I was impressed. The bigger trip looked like this...

  • 9 twelve packs soda

  • 4 nine rolls paper towels

  • 10 salad dressings

  • 4 dishwashing liquid

  • 3 boxes Wheat Thins

  • 2 boxes dishwasher tabs

  • 3 boxes (45 ct) trash bags

  • 5 boxes freezer bags

  • 4 pouches potatoes

Retail was $210 - DH spent $65 - for a savings of 69%!

He's back baby...

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