Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Rings

Quilting - yikes! Dan and I stopped by to see George and Donna on Sunday to deliver some extra tomatoes from our work plot. Donna is in canning mode and we were more than happy to contribute a few tomatoes to the cause. I scored a couple of jars of salsa in return and some apple butter and pickled veggies that she just put up today. Wow that takes me back. My Grandma always referred to canning as 'putting up' - I guess that was stuck back in the mind recesses.

While we were there, Donna started talking about making quilts - color me intimidated. We have a beautiful tied denim quilt that she made for us when we first moved into our home - 14 years ago this Sept. I've always liked the double wedding ring quilt pattern and to my amazement, Donna seems willing to tackle it - not sure if we should start there or perhaps a log cabin pattern which at least wouldn't have any curves.


  1. That is a nice blanket to try. I've wanted to try quilting before but since the only thing I've ever sewed is the limbs for my flour baby in Home Ec I don't know how I'd go. :P

  2. If you're wanting to do the quilting project you could look into entering Jo-Ann's quilting contest for this year. The link is below.


  3. Holy Smokes, those are some great prizes for JoAnns contest!


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