Friday, September 16, 2011

Is It Too Early For Christmas? Crochet

by Kelly

I love that paperclip ice-skate. These are wine charms, but I think they would make awesome gift tags as well. Patterns available in the Nov/Dec issue of Crochet Today

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Embroidery Progress

by Kelly

I finished both of the embroidery projects for Donna. They are dresser scarves - one embroidered, and one cross stitched.

I used twisted chain stitch for the first time, and it makes an awesome, consistent serrated edge for leaves. Notice I didn't say easy. More than once I had to snip out the floss and start over. It's very easy to start a leaf with the wrong angle on the needle. I couldn't get a clear close up of the leaves, otherwise I would add the pic.

Still having trouble with the rust stains on the second one. That's why it's so wrinkly in the picture - I don't want to iron or tumble dry it in case that sets the stains.

The lemon juice and sunshine is working, but so slooowwly that it's hard to feel excited. I'm using refrigerated, concentrated lemon juice. I don't know if fresh lemons would work better. This is day twelve, and the stains are still very visible. Might be time to try the oxalic acid spot remover.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Arrival!

Introducing by popular cute little baby!

I was hoping to get shots of her with the blanket that Donna had made for me but can never seem to find the time to get her dressed in something that doesn't have spit-up on it AND manage to get the picture set up nicely. Hopefully, in another month when she's more likely to be awake without screaming for one thing or another I can get the photo. :)

And I have to include my favorite photo. I call her my little hobbit cause of this photo.

A Milestone

Checking the dashboard of the blog this morning, I see that we are nearing 100 posts - a real milestone! And since Kelly is responsible for oh - nearly all of them - I'm sending out a big thank you to her for all her efforts. Thanks Kelly! I've picked up a lot of tips and patterns thanks to your blogging efforts and am looking forwrd to the next 100!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Circus Animals Crochet Amigurumi

by Kelly

Free pattern here by Michele Wilcox

Free pattern here on Better Homes and Gardens

Amazing lion tamer amigurumi here at zpiderzigh. Look at those teeth! They're made of clay.
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