Friday, March 2, 2012

Show and Tell - Knitting

by Kelly

Things I've been making:

A winter headband/hat/ear-warmer in angora (warm!). I used a free pattern from Drops Design.

Drops Design has a ton of free patterns for crochet and knitting. One of my favorites is the Garden of Diamonds shawl that I would jump on if only I had some lace-weight yarn.

I also made some accidental flowers while attempting something else,

and finally a knitted dragon that perches really well. Maybe I should have made it look like a bird instead. Here it is looking out our window.

I've also tried my hand at Broomstick Lace, which was actually quite easy and fun, once I figured out how to work with that huge knitting needle. I  found a pretty shawl pattern using this lace, only it calls for a size 35(US) knitting needle, instead of the size 50(US) that I currently have. Oh, well.

What have you been working on?
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