Friday, April 13, 2012

Caron Yarn Review

by Kelly

A few days ago, our camera went to the camera shop. (Yes, there are still people who repair cameras. We were surprised, too! )We're hoping it's repairable, but in the meantime I can't take a picture of the cross-stitch project I'm currently working on, so instead let's talk about yarn.

Mostly my yarn habit is fed by Donna. She buys great big bags of random yarn for me at garage and estate sales, she invites me over to take my pick from her stash, and she occasional buys something that catches her eye and gifts it to me just because.

But sometimes I have to buy yarn. And because I am extremely cheap, I want quantity for my money. So I succumbed to the lure of Caron One Pound Yarn.
And I was kind of really happy...and kinda not really happy.

First of all, one pound of yarn is actually pretty impressive. It's about the size of a cat or a small dog. And it's 826 yards of yarn, which is more than enough unless you're yarn bombing the Brooklyn Bridge.

 And best of all, the yarn is acrylic but it feels and looks more like the expensive cotton yarn I've bought in the past. So as far as the quality of the yarn goes, it's worth the money. If I was making a bag, this is the yarn I would choose, because it really is very sturdy, almost more like a cord than a yarn.

But here's the catch - I'm not sold on the color quality.

I ordered one skein of white and one skein of black, since those are the colors that I am chronically short of. I used the white for my Broomstick Lace Shawl and I was really happy with it...but the black, not so much. In a dark room, the black yarn looks fine. Once you take it out into the sunlight, however, it has this unpleasant greenish tint to it that makes it look really cheap. Which it is, in all honesty, but still.

I know that black is a tricky color, and maybe I just got a bad dye lot. But will I try this yarn again? Maybe. Maybe if I can find a local yarn shop that will let me take a skein outside to see the yarn color in the sunlight, without fearing that I will abscond with their merchandise.

So if you hear about someone being jailed for stealing yarn, rest assured that it was probably only me, and that it's all just a big misunderstanding.

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