Saturday, October 15, 2011

Charity Stitch

So I've been working a little on the charity squares and was wondering if Donna and Kelly would like to get together on Monday morning at Donna's house - maybe around 10 - to do a charity stitch & bitch. I have about 4 12" squares done and I thought I could also bring down the scarves and hats I have for the Fossil Ridge donation. Let me know if you can make that. Steph, you're welcome too - though I'm guessing that's a LONG drive :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacation Inspiration

by Kelly

Dreaming of our vacation by the beach... hurry, November! Hmm..don't think I've ever said that before.

'Cape Cod' crochet pattern from AllFreeCrochetAfghans

Ocean Sunset Ombre Yarn from Herrschner's
Ocean Sunset™ Ombre

Pattern from coats and clark

Monday, October 10, 2011

Newest Creation

I've finally uploaded my latest creation onto the Etsy site which I'm calling the Rope and Ladder afghan. It's from a pattern that is actually called February for afghan's based off of birthstones. So this should have been made in amethyst but I think that the red looks good as well. Below is what I made off of it.

I'm a little worried about it though because with it being hot red in color when I take the picture it tends to come off really bright. I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't take it with the sunlight on it. Of course it could just be my computer so let me know if it looks too bright for you guys.

Cute Knits for Kids

by Kelly

Hedgehog mitten kit from Morehouse Farm

devil hat
Knitting pattern for a Little Devil baby hat here.

Free knitting pattern  for a frontiersman hat from When my husband was a little kid, he helped his dad with Mountain Man re-enactments. Yes, he had a hat something like this. Awww!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Big Congrats to Stephanie!

We got a message on Etsy that Stephanie's white spirals afghan was included in a treasury collection. Way to go Stephanie!

To see the treasury go onto the Etsy site and login and then check under conversations for the link. I'd post it here, but the blog doesn't let me copy and paste and it's a lengthy link.

Congrats again!
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