Friday, August 26, 2011

A Quiet Word About Washers

by Kelly


So we bought a new washing machine, and I just have to post about it, because this thing is quiet. Now, considering that our last washer had degraded to the point where it sounded like a rampaging wildebeest during their annual migration, you might be persuaded that we just aren't used to having a decent appliance. But that's not true.

The Washer in Question

Firstly, due to the high sulfur content of our water, we go through appliances like a preschooler goes through crayons, so we have seen a wide variety of brands pass through our front door. Maytag, Kenmore, Roper, and others have come and gone, and none have seemed unusual or remarkable.

Secondly, this washer is so quiet that the manufacturer kindly included a disclaimer about the extreme quietness of the wash cycle, probably to reduce the number of calls to their complaint department. Here's a picture of the disclaimer. You can see by its crumpled state that I originally scorned this piece of paper as a gratuitous bit of advertising.

The disclaimer reads in part : "This new wash system is softer and quieter in agitate than any GE washer ever before... You will notice the difference during operation."

Well, GE, Engrish aside, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you. You're right. This thing really is super quiet.  Almost unnervingly so. After the dramatic daily presentation by our old washer, we couldn't help but be suspicious of this new, silent approach. My husband and I stood around it in awe, as though we were witnessing the launch of a space mission. "Is it really washing?" we wondered. But when we opened the lid, yes, water and soap were present.

So, if you're in the market for a new washing machine, might I suggest
GE  Model # GTWN3000MWS 3.6 cubic feet, Top Load Washer? (In White, of course. I don't know why they bother to specify the color - I haven't seen a top load washer in another color since the '70's.) And if the silent operation is too much for you, turn up the TV. That's what worked for us.

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  1. O.k. - that's going in the file. We had a GE for a lot of years (came with the house) and it was fine in a washing machine kind of way, which is to say, it was a non-issue. Eventually, it started having spinning issues, which were intermittent and not totally annoying and we decided to just live with it until...the funk.

    Yes, there are few smells that haunt me as much as the funk. It started out as one of those, wrinkle-your-nose and glance around for the source kind of smells and over time took on a life of it's own and started seeking out new host bodies.

    In typical present day solution mode we resorted to the web for advice on how to do battle with the funk and were directed to try vinegar, bleach, baking soda, lemon and all sorts of concoctions, none of which worked. We bought Tide's washing machine cleaner by the ton and gave it our best, but the funk kicked our butts and so we resorted to buying a new machine.

    We went with Maytag this time - a new fangled top loader with no agitator, an HE fellow, strapingly handsome and ready to take on the new era of washing. Well I have to say - disappointed!

    First off, we now have to make sure all of our detergent is HE compatible, which elimintes the possibility of some REAL soap coupon deals. But even more concerning is the new guy just can't handle the workload. It doesn't spin - a lot. We're running it on the 'Heavy' setting all the time and if we dare include more than 1 bath towel in a load it just throws up the white flag and surrenders. Worse yet, I'm sure the next wave of funk isn't far off.

    GE - I'll be back.


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