Saturday, October 29, 2011

Charity Drive Update

They've received all of our squares and posted the totals on the SmoothFox site. Annnnndddd......

October Team with the most points: Three Strands Together - 330 points

We're the top team so far!

I've started work on another blanket and taken a break on doing the squares. I figured I'd start spending a week or two during the beginning of each month doing squares for the charity. Then I'll spend the rest of it working on blankets.

Only two and a half months left for the charity drive, though. So we still need to get cranking on them. :)


  1. Great news! Thanks for the update, Steph. I'm with you, I needed a break from all those squares. I'm working on a big granny afghan right now - should be done this week and posted to Etsy after that.

  2. Yeah, I'm working on this new one called White Lace. It's with brushed yarn so something I haven't had to deal with before. But now I'm pushing myself by letting my girl pick out whatever blanket I make. :) That way I'm stuck having to do whatever is picked out even if it looks hard.

  3. Yay, we're the top team!
    I'm still waiting to see what happens though - apparently Online Angels received a bunch of boxes without entry forms, and no one is sure whether they were supposed to be entries in the contest or not.
    And don't worry guys, I'm working on squares since I'm waiting for yarn to arrive before I get back to hats and scarves. I switched to the 'advanced beginner' crochet square and have a plastic shopping bag full already.

    I feel sorry for the people who have to piece all these together, though, since mine are all odd balls of yarn and really don't go together at all. :)


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