Monday, October 31, 2011


by Kelly

Some things to put you in the spirit...


Recipe for these awesome apples at Matt Bites. 
I will make these one day. I will.

A must-see Halloween light show on YouTube. Amazing what you can do with Christmas lights. Thanks, YouTube, for giving my husband ideas...

Although I'm not up to the level of either of these examples, things that I have made for Halloween include this year's  knitted devil's hat from this pattern. (now in adult and child's sizes).

And the Halloween prop I made a few years ago (with my father-in-law's help) for my husband's set in our town's Spook Hike.(The Spook Hike is basically a long walk in the dark woods, spoiled by ghosts and other scary things. Although now the Spook Hike takes place in a pleasant town park, which is quite a change from a creepy woodland. But that's a long story.)

Basically, this prop is a fake tree stump jump scare. A motion sensor trigger causes a Halloween mask to pop out of the tree stump. The lights and recorded scream help sell the whole thing.

I also made an electric chair (not pictured) for the Spook Hike. Yes, we still have it, even though we haven't used it for the spook hike for years. We're like that.

So, what was the coolest thing you ever made for Halloween? Was it a costume? A whole house light show? An amazingly beautiful or creepy looking food for a Halloween party?  Or maybe just a neat jack-o-lantern? 

Or do you think Halloween is just for kids?


  1. Those candy apples are awesome. When I was a kid we used to have big Halloween parties and do a lot of 'gross' food. We'd sit around in a circle and you had to feel the item and guess what it was - cold spaghetti for innards, peeled grapes for eyeballs and one time my mom scored a whole leg bone from a cow (don't ask). Not much sleep those nights -


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