Tuesday, September 6, 2011


by Kelly

Needlefelting isn't something I'm tempted to try. I don't have the materials, and even if I did have the necessary wool or other 'fuzzable' yarn, I would be tempted to knit or crochet something with it first, so the needlefelting would never get done. But I can admire the results, especially when they're referencing science fiction. That really appeals to me, geek that I am.

  DeviantArt is just the place to find that kind of thing. If you haven't checked out DeviantArt before, click the link and go there right now. Trust me, it's amazing. But back to the needlefelting...


I especially love the fact that this Dalek lights up. The blue LED for an eye, and the little white LEDs for the other inputs/senses help make this guy  adorable. Yes, the most feared, xenophobic lifeform in the universe, in a soft huggable form.

On a side note, since we're talking about soft and huggable things, I've always thought that dolls were pretty creepy - probably because when I was a little girl I read this book by Carol Beach York. The solution to creepy dolls?

And then, of course,  there's Optimus Prime.


Yeah, almost tempted to learn another new craft....almost.

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