Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crochet Lace - Two Ways

by Kelly

Hairpin lace from Antique Crochet Patterns

 or Broomstick lace from Mochi Plus Patterns???

I haven't attempted either of these techniques before, but I have the needles and gadgets to do the work. Has anyone else ever done anything like this? Which would be easier?


  1. I have always wanted a broomstick lace afghan. I saw one in a crochet book years and years ago and thought it was amazing. I bought the needle but could never coordinate it. It's like crocheting with a turkey baster. If you master it, I'm putting my order in for one!

  2. I haven't found that many patterns for Broomstick lace. It seems like it was more popular years ago.

    If you run across any, hold on to them for me.


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