Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crochet and Knitted Hats

by Kelly

Now that the first chill of fall has arrived, my thoughts have gone back to knitting. Last year, Donna, Dawn and I knit hats, mittens, and scarves to donate to a kid's Christmas giveaway. So, I've done some searching for free patterns, and found some amazing things. And quite a few freebies!

Crystal Palace Yarns is coming out with something new - wide ribbon yarn that ruffles itself. Some of the free patterns are adorable. Look at this hat!

Free knitting pattern here. The ribbon yarn is a little different, so there's also a tutorial here on how to knit with it.

And then there's a cute Rainbow hat

Free knitting pattern here  This is an adult sized pattern, so you'd have to juggle it a bit for a kid's size. But there are matching mittens,  and they come in child, women, or men's sizes. Although, I don't know any guys who would wear rainbow stripe mittens. Just saying.

And seen on Make, this amazing hat.  Read the article here, and learn about early motion pictures and Eadward Muybridge. Or just go to Ravelry and check out the pattern.

Knitting pattern on Ravelry. This one costs $5.00.

But enough knitting patterns. Although I have not given up hope of convincing others (hint, hint) to learn how to knit, crochet patterns are something we can all use. So here's a sampling.

Free from the Fabled Needle

Available from Etsy here.Pattern costs $5.00

And you know what would go perfectly with that last hat? A scarf made of fun fur that looks like a fox's tail. Cute!

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