Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next Project

So I've had to take a break on the American flag blanket that I was making. With that happening I've started looking at other patterns to make.

I, unwisely, decided to ask my husband and my daughter their opinion on what they thought of for the next patterns. My girl picked one out that she thought was pretty and said I should use pink, red, purple and blue colors on it. Then she says it would look great in her room. My husband says that I should do an Ohio State Buckeyes blanket like the one I did for his footy team. Or do a Titans one since that's his American Footy team. Then he can switch them out on the couch depending on whether it's footy or gridiron season.

Ummmm....They don't seem to realize that the point of me taking up crocheting again is to use up the yarn lying around and eventually get something that I could get rid of by selling on the Etsy site. Not so I have more blankets lying around the house. :P


  1. Wow - an American flag blanket. The stripes wouldn't be hard, but all those little stars!

  2. I agree with Graham - Titans! Though living in Georgia he could easily be a Buccanneers fan as well. And hey! What about the Falcons?


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