Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strange Things to Crochet and Knit

by Kelly

Sometimes, I look at all these half skeins of yarn (in random colors) that I have stored away, and I despair. What in the world can I do with them? Yet another afghan? Maybe not...

Loop Crochet Door Curtain
(found on Donna's Crochet Design Blog - Donna, I didn't know you were moonlighting!)

or maybe a car cozy

Or a doily bowl, from Craft Stylish

They actually use a premade doily, but I'm sure there are patterns for doilies, somewhere....

Or if all else fails, maybe I'll just knit myself a Ferrari

hmmm... twelve miles of yarn for the Ferrari. Okay, I don't have quite that much.


  1. I didn't know I was moonlighting, either. Can you imagine crocheting some of those things?

  2. I think it would be fun to knit a Ferrari. That's the only way I'm ever going to get one, after all!


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