Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer knitting and crochet

by Kelly

It seems silly to knit in the summer. Just the feel of yarn on your hands when it's ninety degrees in the shade is a little off-putting. On the other hand, I find knitting really relaxing. Unless I'm working on a stinker of a pattern that is. Then, not so much.

So, maybe summer knitting should be about lightweight yarn, simple patterns, and pretty colors.  I think I may have some ideas...

Maybe a pretty shawl like Seascape found here at Knitty

And to give me a break on lazy days when I don't feel like concentrating on a pattern, I think I'll work on an afghan...

From the blog by Elizabeth Cat
I can crochet one hexagon at a time during the summer and join them together in the fall. And that means no big bag of knitting to drag around! Just a crochet hook and a few balls of yarn.

Or maybe a cute summer top from Vogueknitting...

Just look at a few patterns from their current magazine -

Not that I've ever knit a top before. But I'm always ready to learn something new. And those sunny colors are stunning.

Or, of course, I could go back to my embroidery and cross stitch....

*Sigh*  And how am I ever going to get any summer reading done around here with all these temptations in my path?


  1. I love the afghan pattern. Looking at the types that she made they look beautiful. I need to go through my yarn this weekend now. :)

    I had one that was similar to that but they were all squares.

  2. First let me say hello to Stephanie - I didn't realize you were our Stephanie!

    I've always had similar feelings about crocheting in warm weather - but if you can drink iced tea in the winter, then I say, crochet away in the summer. My mom (the non-crafter) always teases me every September as I seem to go into high gear in the Fall.

    It is definitely a struggle to fit in reading and crochet. I have a monthly book club group and it's all I can do sometimes to read the book for the meeting. There's never enough time I guess.

    Some nice patterns here - thanks for the post.

  3. Hey Dawn, I think it's cause I've used two different accounts to post in here. But yup, I found out from Kelly's husband (not saying a name since he's a secretive sort :) ) about the site so of course I had to join.

    I tend to slow down a bit as well in the summer because of the heat but I just can't stand watching tv without doing something with my hands. So usually I'll just deal with a higher electric bill that comes with me working on a blanket in the summer.

    About the reading then I've actually found a way to hold a book open so I could read it while still crocheting. This is when there was a really good book I wanted to read but I also wanted to finish a really cool pattern. It doesn't always work and I look totally dorky but it's multi-tasking at its best. :)

  4. Stephanie, you will have to teach me how to read and crochet. I watch a movie and crochet at the same time. But anyone can do that. So you like our blog.


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