Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My beautiful dishcloth

I finally finished the dishcloth I decided to make. It was a free pattern from Micheals. The difficulty rating was easy and time to make it was supposed to be 2 hours. I worked on it for 3 days. Not constantly of course. It is eleven inches across. I made it with Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. That is the first time I have used that kind of yarn. It is very pretty but who in their right mind would actually use it for a dishcloth. Not me! But at least I can now say I've made a dishcloth. Next time I will stick to granny square type patterns for dishcloths.

Back to my afghan for a while. I hope to soon catch up with enough other projects to actually have time to do some serious crocheting. I still need to make a doily, placemats, Christmas bag for a wine bottle, tote bag and on and on. There are so many things to make. I already have patterns picked out for four more afghans.

It is an obsession!



  1. That really is one crazy dishcloth. Not really practical, but so pretty (and funny) that I would keep it in my kitchen drawer anyway, just as a kind of memento.

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! And yeah, no way would I use it for a dishcloth. I'm going to go unravel my sad square one :)


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