Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amazing Grace

One of my new favorite yarns is Lion Brand's Amazing - the wrap I've been working on is done in this yarn in the Mesa shade, but over the weekend I found a shade called Mauna Loa that's just gorgeous. I think the yarn manufacturers have taken a cue from the nail polish companies and are making their color names really enticing. One of the problems with this particular yarn is that it's quite expensive - around $6.99 per skein. With my 40% off coupons I can get it down into the $4.20 range, but you also need a lot of it to make anything of size and these skeins are pretty small. Most of the suggested crochet patterns are for scarves or some other such neck wrappy thing, so I'm looking for some ideas for something else to do with it. It's a wool and acrylic blend so it's kind of fuzzy looking. Let me know if you have any thoughts.



  1. When I made my scarf out of Noro wool,I mixed it with a less expensive navy blue wool. Maybe a hat or a pair of gloves (if you're up for gloves) with the cuff knit in this and the body of the glove in one coordinating color? Or how about an ipod cover? Or a cover for a hanging candle holder, like this

    Think how cool covered candle holder would look for an outdoor summer party :)

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I loved that Noro scarf you made. All good ideas. Those candle covers are really cute too. I knew you'd have great suggestions - thanks!


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