Monday, May 2, 2011

Show and Tell

By Kelly

Do they still do show and tell in school? I remember for my first show and tell in Kindergarten, I was sad that I didn't have anything cool to bring in for the big day, so my older sister lent me her Pet Rock. Am I showing my age, here? Actually, the other kids were really impressed. Yes, things were different when I was a kid. Weirder, for one.

Let me show you the projects I finished in April.

Two cotton dishcloths, a totebag crocheted out of old sheets (which surprisingly turned out really well) , four little bears and a headband / hairtie thing for myself. The funny part about the hair thing is that I made up my own pattern while I was sitting in front of the TV, and now I have no clue what I did. Guess it's one of a kind.


  1. You are so prolific! I'm jealous. And slow. Can't wait to see the tote bag - sounds interesting.

    I am STILL working on my southwest shawl. It's really pretty, but LONG. So when I get bored, I start little side projects in between :) Finished the washcloths as you saw, still trying to finish the ruffled neck scarf, though that is really close. Btw, JoAnne is definitely my new favorite craft store. I had gone to the Lobby last week for buttons and they had one little carousel of them. JoAnne has a wall. And tons of yarn, which of course I spent too much time ogling.

  2. I was looking through trying to find a pattern for my next project and I think I found a great project for you next time for the husband.

    How did you make the tote bag out of bed sheets? Is that what it's lined with?

  3. Dawn - Herrschner's online has a weekly yarn sale. Sometimes you can get some really cool stuff for half price. Just saying.

    Steph - Lol! Love that throw! Except that I'm the only one in this house that's ever cold. Hmmm...maybe I could make it bigger and use it as our bedspread...And the bag's not lined - partly because it doesn't really have a lot of holes, but mostly because I can't sew and have never made a lining before.

  4. I love that throw! And I'll definitely check out Herrschner's, though you are only feeding my addiction!


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