Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sugar & Cream

This weekend I did something I've never done before. Actually a couple of things - crocheted with cotton and made a washcloth. The washcloth or dishcloth is a staple of the crocheter's repetoire and yet like Kelly and her fear of doillies, I deigned to find the crocheted cloth a bit old-fashioned and outdated. I had also seen the little cotton skeins of Sugar & Cream cotton yarns and yet had never had a reason to buy one. That is before this weekend. What I found truly blew me away - well at least as blown away as one can be by yarn. Ready - wait for it....

Scented Yarn! Seriously. Scented.

That goes straight into the "Now I've seen everything" file. Scented yarn. Who knew?

So I picked up a couple of different kinds, lavendar, aloe vera, powder and chamomile and before I knew it, they were practically crocheting themselves into the most adorable little washcloths. They're posted at our Etsy store ( and they are just the cutest, freshest little washcloths I've ever seen. I'm a convert, a Sugar & Cream convert. Now what will they think of next?


  1. How long do you think that scent lasts? And I see possibilities here. I'll get some soap-making stuff and we can put together sets of soap and washcloths. Oh, but I've never made soap before. Am I getting ahead of myself again?

  2. The label said, "Scent diminishes with washing." I'll have to try it out. The soap idea sounds good. The yarn comes in a few more scents in additional to the ones I used. They also have rose, vanilla, and a fleur de lavendar, which doesn't seem all that different from the non-fleur de lavendar to me. (

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the soap works out. Let me know if you need anything from Michael's or JoAnne - I have found myself with a surplus of 40% off coupons.

  3. They have a powder one. I wonder if that's like baby powder. That'd be great for a baby blanket I'd think. Have it come already smelling like baby. :)

    Though I've always stayed away from baby blankets cause the yarn seems too small.

  4. Thanks Stephany, the baby blanket is a great idea! I may have to try that.


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