Sunday, April 24, 2011

My current project


My name is Donna. Unlike the multi talented Kelly, I only crochet. I crochet afghans, pillows, Christmas ornaments, towels. My favorite is Christmas ornaments. So far I haven't made a doily but I plan to one of these days. Right now I am working on a baby afghan called Playful Spiders (by Sheila Leslie). To the left is a picture of it. If you look at it, it has white on both sides with a color block between them. This is done in rows with four white double crochets, then the rest of the color row and then four white double crochets, then turn, do four more white, then color. You have three rolls of yarn attached at the same time. You just drop one color and pick up the next. I have never done this before. I have always finished off one color before starting another. I've just finished pulling three rows apart because I didn't count and I was a stitch short. When will I learn!

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