Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

It’s Dawn, the third strand from Three Strands Together. I crochet and do plastic canvas and am also an avid cook and gardener-wannabe. I already warned Donna to free up the month of August as it’s going to be tomato-palooza around here. Donna makes amazing salsa and I’m seeing jars stretching out for miles in my head. A big thank you to Kelly for putting this blog together. This should be a great forum to share our ideas, thoughts and pictures of current projects. Kelly, I love the little bear – he is so sweet and snuggly-looking!

With Easter behind us, I’m turning my thoughts to the garden and my crocheting seems to be following suit. I just finished a little lapghan that I’ll post at the ThreeStrandsTogether Etsy store today. It’s a double-crochet granny in a white and Spring green mix of color. It reminds me of the buds coming out on the trees that we’re finally starting to see. It’s been another long winter here in the Midwest and Spring keeps toying with us. Our redbud tree is just starting to show the first signs of that gorgeous pink/lilac color. I’m really thinking of doing another granny lapghan in those shades next.

Other projects include a Sedona Shawl, inspired by the red rock in the Southwest – that should be complete in the near future. I also have a few projects with a Japanese flair in mind, but more on those later.

That’s all for now…I’ve got a lot of Easter ham to figure out what to do with….


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