Sunday, April 24, 2011

In defense of doilies

I'll admit it, I have a sort of phobia about what I call 'Granny work'. This includes Granny squares, embroidered table runners, and doilies. Especially doilies. I mean, what do you use them for? Are antimacassars the same as doilies, or are they a different species? They seem to live in a different habitat (the backs and arms of chairs, as opposed to tabletops), but they look the same. Nothings shouts 'Granny work' to me like antimacassars clinging to the furniture like limpets.

But today I visited Crochet Me (there's a link over there in our sidebar) and saw this :

Here's a detail of the center:

Wow! And how did this nameless crochet wizard get all that color into a doily? Cotton perle thread, something dear to every embroiderer's heart. How simple! I just happen to have some on hand.

Usually at this point I would have thrown myself headlong into a new project, but this time something stopped me. No, not the fact that I had never crocheted a doily before. The idea of crocheting for the first time with perle thread didn't give me pause either. Instead there was a little voice in my head that said 'This is a doily. Have you lost your mind? You're too young for doilies! Turn back now before it's too late!'.

Well, maybe I'll listen to the voice of reason this time. Maybe I won't begin producing colorful doilies and start placing them around the house to startle and bewilder my poor husband.

They are pretty to look at though, aren't they??

Check out the article here .


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