Monday, April 16, 2012

Ruffles, Ruffles, and more Ruffles

I've finally managed to post one of my current projects in the store. It's a ruffled scarf that I just think is so cute. I made a thicker one for myself too. :) And to model these works of little work of art. :)

I actually made two different versions because I was playing around with a few different ideas. I have one that is just the two solid colors and then another that has the two colors and then an edging of the opposite color. I kind of like them both.

I'm thinking of my next one being just one color all together for both sides.

Also, hats. I actually came up with my own design that has these hats coming out to look like little tulips or roses. (I know those are probably totally different but I'm not a flower person. :P ) I have some hats with a stem and without. I'm also thinking up some ideas on how to add leaves to it.


  1. How cute is that! She's aswim in ruffles.

    Can't wait to see your hats, too.Especially to see if they look like roses or tulips :)

  2. Gorgeous works of art. Both of them. She looks like she is enjoying the modeling job.


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