Monday, April 16, 2012

Must Have Crafting Kits

by Kelly

When I want a simple, mindless knit that I can do while watching TV, I usually turn to scarves. This explains the sudden surplus of scarves that I'm currently experiencing. At the moment I even have the lead on my husband, who has three - one Dr. Who (Tom Baker) scarf, one random scarf from his childhood, and one piano key scarf. I refer to this last one as his 'David Hasselhoff' scarf, which makes him wrinkle up his face and say in a haughty voice, 'It's a 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' scarf, thank you very much."

Regardless, this is off topic. What I really wanted to talk about is knit and crochet kits.  Kits are the next step up from scarves - you buy everything in one simple package, and when you're ready to start crafting, you open up the kit and follow directions. No searching for patterns or yarn required.

With this in mind, here are some of the most interesting kits I've found...

Knit Your Perfect Boyfriend Kit

Puppy Paws Mittens from the beloved Morehouse Farm

Knitwhits Elfin Booties
these are sized for kids, but there's an adult version, too.

Crochet Bracelet Kit

Icicle Angel Crochet Kit from Annie's Attic

And here's another luscious crochet bracelet kit, from essentialelementsbeads. They have quite a few of these kits, and they are simply beautiful.

via EssentialElementsBeads

At the moment I'm working on my cross-stitch backlog, so knitting and crochet is taking a backseat. But maybe my next project will be a kit. I'm feeling partial to the that crochet bracelet above, only I've never had much luck working with teeny little beads.

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  1. I like that bracelet. You are always trying new things. That is very adventurous of you.


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