Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Arrival!

Introducing by popular demand.........my cute little baby!

I was hoping to get shots of her with the blanket that Donna had made for me but can never seem to find the time to get her dressed in something that doesn't have spit-up on it AND manage to get the picture set up nicely. Hopefully, in another month when she's more likely to be awake without screaming for one thing or another I can get the photo. :)

And I have to include my favorite photo. I call her my little hobbit cause of this photo.


  1. She is SO cute! Thanks for the pictures - I'm sure she's keeping you really busy.

  2. I know! She looks just like her dad. Which is of course why everyone asks how old "he" is. :P Even with all the pink people still think she's a boy. :)

  3. She is adorable and I get to see her this weekend. I will have to remember my camera.


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