Friday, September 16, 2011

Is It Too Early For Christmas? Crochet

by Kelly

I love that paperclip ice-skate. These are wine charms, but I think they would make awesome gift tags as well. Patterns available in the Nov/Dec issue of Crochet Today


  1. It's never too early for Christmas! Granted I had the same question when all I had was Christmas colors to work with. I still might make some more.

    Also, do all of you subscribe to Crochet Today? I saw it in the store and I believe that my daughter's girl scout troop is offering it at a discount. So I think I might get it since it does look like it has a lot of interesting tips.

    *hint, hint, Insert sales plug here* I emailed all of you the link to the magazine sale for her troop. If you already have a subscription you can use the sale to renew at a lower price if you'd like. :D

  2. Oh, nevermind. They only have the magazine Crochet Quick and Easy for the program. I thought they had Crochet Today for it.

    But they have a bunch for Quilting. :P

  3. Do you do quilting too? I thought Donna was the only one.If so, you should help us with our quilting project! If we ever get around to it, that is.

    While I do love the stuff the scouts sell (cookies for the girls, Christmas wreaths for the boys) selling magazines seems kind of a let down. Whenever kids sell magazines they never have the ones I already read.

  4. No, I don't quilt though I'd love to learn. Just like I'd love to learn how to knit too. I just love learning in general, really. I've just never had anyone who could teach me how to do either of them.

    Yeah, the magazines aren't that big of a seller especially since the girl scouts are famous for the cookies. My brother got mad at me last year when my girl was selling candy and nuts. He said to just get him the peanut butter ones...which I did. Apparently, he meant the peanut butter cookies. :)

    Though the funniest was when I told my husband (the Aussie) that Shorty was a Brownie (her troop class). At the end of the year he asked me...."So when is she going to start selling brownies?" :)

  5. Lol! Maybe they should sell brownies too. It makes sense, really. But only if they're as scrumptious as the thin mint cookies.

    Mmmmmm...thin mints.


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