Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Using Fleece

by Kelly

At our last Stitch and Bitch session, Dawn mentioned that she wanted to do something with fleece - something that doesn't include sewing, because Dawn and I both hate to sew.

Well, Dawn, I may have seen a project you could fall in love with. How about crocheting an edge on a fleece blanket?

Check out the tutorial at No Longer Conforming

Or maybe cut fleece into squares and crochet them into a quilt, like the one I saw on the EdgeryDoo site. The EdgeryDoo sells templates which help you evenly space holes around the edge of fabric, so that you can easily crochet an edge.

Imagine how soft and snuggly those blankets must be!


  1. I LOVE those ideas - thanks Kelly! In fact, I'm going to order one of those edging things and try this out. Perfect combination of the two materials, I'd say. People are just so darned clever! Now to look through all that fleece :)

  2. Yeah, when I had this idea I went window shopping and saw an adorable teddy bear print in pink or blue - how perfect for a baby blanket!

  3. Hmmm....that looks really fun. I might want to try it out too. I wonder if they have something at Jo-Ann's that you can use.

    It's actually kind of similar to what Donna already does with the kitchen towels.


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