Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilting Links

by Kelly

Continuing my quilting searches...

Here is a 'jelly roll' race that I found through the blog knit and tonic. Since a  jelly roll quilt is just long strips of material sewn together, you can actually have races! My kind of quilt.

For more 'jelly roll' quilting goodness, check out Missouri Star Co.
They have a ton of quilting tutorials using their jelly rolls of material.

Then there are these adorable little houses made out of quilting scraps. Perfect for a Christmas tree! In fact, you could design one that looks like Grandma's house, and give it to all the grandkids. Or vice versa, so Grandma has a unique 'dream house' from each of her grandkids.

From retro mama
And finally, getting discouraged before I even begin a new craft, I spent a long time marvelling over this one.

Yes, that's a quilt, not a painting. Incredible. And there's a poem embroidered on all those rocks. Check it out on the blog The Blue Hare.  Wonder at the amount of time she dedicated to this quilt, and realize that you will never be able to equal that dedication or artistry. (*Sigh*)


  1. Wow - I can barely sew, much less have a race doing it. I have visions of me sewing my fingers to the quilt.

  2. That is so cool!!! Make me really want to get a sewing machine now. My friends mom makes quilts and they are so beautiful. She has an entire room dedicated to sewing. So jealous of that. :)

  3. The quilt is gorgeous but I don't think I have the talent, patience, skill or dedication for something like that. I need quick and easy.

  4. Was just browsing images and came across my quilt. Thank you for your lovely comments.
    The words are actually painted on. I did do stitched versions but they didn't look right!

  5. I'm still in awe, Deborah. And I've got my fingers crossed for your quilt entry at the festival! I can't wait to see your creation, so please don't give up - your work is beautiful.


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