Monday, November 28, 2011

Crochet Jewelry

by Kelly

It's really pretty amazing the kind of things you can do with crochet.

Wire Jewelry

But what can be used to make crochet jewelry? Usually, it's beads and wire. So you can buy beads...

Or make your own lampwork beads...

Beautiful Flower Bead
via Soda Lime Times
 Soda Lime Times is a new (July 2011 was their first issue) magazine and web site for lampwork bead makers.

Or use found objects, like seashells or beach glass..

West Coast Sea Glass

West Coast Sea Glass is a great place to find sea glass and sea glass jewelry.
They'll even drill the glass into beads for you!

Or you can just use wire to make bead-like shapes, like Joan Dulla, featured on The Ganoskin Project

Joan Dulla

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