Friday, September 23, 2011

Our First Sale!

by Kelly

Something I forgot to post about was our first Etsy sale. Yay for us! This occurred on August 16th, and it was a crochet afghan in various autumn colored yarns. I got the pattern from this book.

I included a little crochet bear with a note saying 'Thanks for being our first customer!'. I'm assured that the bear has a great new home in a log cabin, of all places. Lucky dog! Er...bear.

Now here's hoping it's not another six months before our next sale!


  1. Woohoo!!!! That's so great! Now if only I would put up my blankets then maybe I'd get them sold. :P

    And great idea with the bear. Maybe they'll be a returning customer. ;)

  2. I kept waiting for your beautiful alphabet baby blanket to appear in the Etsy shop, but it never did. I was kind of thinking you decided against it 'cos our poor shop never got any action :)

  3. No, the alphabet blanket was for my girl and I was worried if I put it on there then someone wanted one I wouldn't be able to make one in the time allowed. So figured I'd wait till I made another one to post it. I do have four more blankets that I need to post on there. Only one of which I've posted on here.

    Things are just so crazy and so far the pictures never look as pretty as all of yours so I keep trying to find the best spot for the pictures first. :P

    I'll get them on there this weekend. That is a must. :)


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