Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Needles and Amsterdam Lace

by Kelly

I'm working on a new knitting project.

The pattern is from The Knit Monster,  and it's called the Amsterdam Lace Scarf.  It's a really easy lace pattern, and gives a great result.

The beauty of this pattern is that you knit it in a triangular shape, so you can use just what yarn you have, without worrying that you're not going to have enough. Since this yarn was a gift from Donna, and I only have one skein of it, this pattern is ideal.

The only problem with this method of knitting is that your project outgrows your needles fairly quickly. I'm using my 14" needles, and am still running out of room. Luckily the yarn is really soft, so the scarf can be squashed to one side of the needle while I'm working.

And yes, I do have two stitch counters on my needles. The needles are really old, and don't have much of a 'bump' on the end. I was afraid the stitches would come off, so I put one stitch counter on each needle.

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