Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Irish Flag Blanket

So here is a picture of the blanket that I just finished. Sorry it's so small but it was taken from my friend's camera phone.

It's just a standard single crochet done for the entire blanket. It's actually twice to three times the size shown in the picture. The person just has it folded at the end of their queen size bed.
I was so happy when I finished it since it took me almost an entire year to complete with everything else I had happening this last year.


  1. Cool idea - I can see why it would take you a year - single crochet! Yikes!

  2. Such a tiny pic for such a big blanket! I bet that is ridiculously warm, as well as beautiful.

  3. Oh, it definitely is. I had to take a lot of breaks in the summer which slowed me down just because it would get so hot under the blanket. :)


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