Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Project So Far

by Kelly

This isn't really seasonal, seeing as how it was 91 degrees here a few days ago, but I need to make a Favorites tab for our navigation bar, so let's talk about my favorite scarf.

This scarf is the project I've most enjoyed doing so far. It was the first time I tried a lacy pattern in knitting, and though the pattern was a little challenging for me,  I managed to muddle through. Here's the pattern by Elaine Silverstein. Below is a picture of the finished scarf.

The yarn I used was Pattons classic wool in plum, and this yarn is the most wonderfully soft, beautiful stuff I have worked with. This scarf makes me happy in the winter, even when the world is white and gray and freezing cold.
Do you have a favorite project? Did you keep yours, like I did, or give it to someone else? 

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