Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My newest obsession

I have been crocheting many years and never made dishcloths. I decided to make one a few weeks ago and since then I have seen so many pretty patterns and I just want to try them all. Soon I will have as much cotton yarn as I do acrylic yarn and thread. Every time I buy some more yarn my husband asks me why. He thinks I have enough yarn. He is probably right but I just can't resist. Same way with patterns and books. I just can't resist.

I have been working on my patriotic placemats and it wasn't going well. I made one using a hook a size smaller than recommended and it was still too big by two and a half inches. So I took it all apart. I was very frustrated so I took a break and made dishcloths. The picture is above. I'm back working on the placemats again. I'm using a hook two sizes smaller than recommended. I have one placemat finished and a second one half done. Since everything is going well I don't have an excuse to quit and make dishcloths. Another day!


  1. I had actually thought of getting rid of all my yarn and bringing it up there to give to you. Then I started getting back into making blankets again and now I'm looking at buying even more yarn and books.

    Now, I'm at least using the majority of the yarn that I have in stock. Currently, I'm at three five-gallon tubs of yarn and one three feet by two feet vacuum space bag of yarn. :)

  2. It doesn't take long to accumulate a stash of yarn. But it is hard to figure out ways to cut down the amount you have. My stash just seems to get bigger.


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