Thursday, May 26, 2011

ABC Blanket

I've finally finished the baby blanket I was making. I think it turned out really cute. I ended up doing a separate search for the edging since the original pattern didn't have one. I found one that had v stitches around the edges followed by picots (sp?). I think in the end they match well together.

I was going to post it on the store site so I can finally have something on there with a note that it takes three weeks to complete. I figured once I get more made on hand that I'd update the info. But I was wondering which would be the best picture to use. Below are the two I took this morning.

Or should I go for this one.


  1. Actually, I wonder if I should just take new pictures when it's a lot more brighter in the house so you can see the detail better.

  2. Etsy lets you post multiple pictures of the stuff you sell. My suggestion would be to take one really close pic for the detail and one further away. And a lot of people do say to use daylight rather than indoor light, so yeah, maybe wait for a nice sunny day...if we ever get one of those again, that is. :)

  3. I agree. I think you need more light.


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