Friday, April 19, 2013


by Kelly

I think it's fair to say that the drought is over. This is what spring is supposed to be around here - tons of rain, which leads to foggy mornings and what the weathermen always refer to as 'localized flooding'.  The annual crop of soggy basement carpeting and furniture has just appeared on the curbs. Oh, and nearly freezing temperatures. Yes, Illinois is glorious in the spring.

Looks like I planted my flower seeds at just the right time. The packages did say "water frequently in the first two weeks". Hey, no problem...I'll get right on that.

So in honor of the localized flooding, I'm starting one more baby blanket for Dawn's charity drive, this one in all the lovely shades of blue that I have on hand in my scrap basket:

Sorry for the gloomy picture, but it is raining here again. That's okay, though - I love rainy days curled up in front of a warm Internet connection. Maybe I'll do a quick search for new crochet and knitting projects to try...that will only take a few minutes....

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