Friday, April 12, 2013

Blanket Edgings

by Kelly

While I was looking for a neat edging for this blanket that I've just finished, I turned, of course, to the Internet, and discovered several beautiful things on Pintrest. The trouble with Pintrest, of course, is that once you've seen the breathtaking photo and decided that you MUST make that blanket / scarf / pillowcover / impossibly difficult cardigan, you have to find the pattern. And finding the pattern may lead you down many obscure Internet pathways, where you will discover even more beautiful things that you absolutely MUST make, right away, if only you could find the pattern.

You see where I'm going here.

An additional problem with Pintrest is that photos break the language barrier. This means that the blogs or sites those photos are from could be written by anyone in the world, with the result that the patterns may be in Dutch (or is that Danish?), Italian, German, Chinese, or possibly something even more obscure. And running these patterns through a translator program is usually an exercise in futility. Trust me on this one.

But here is one of the images anyway, with a link to where I found the pattern. And if you do manage to make one of these, please drop me a line with the pattern you used and save me a lot of hair pulling. Thanks!

via CharAmi

Meanwhile, I'm going to add a shell stitch edging and call it a day. I've wasted enough time on the computer today.

Now, should I continue in the white yarn, for a lacy look, or switch to yellow again?

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