Monday, March 4, 2013

In Defense of Dandelions

by Kelly

 Still dreaming of spring.

Even dandelions would be appreciated right now. Although, truth be told, I have a soft spot for dandelions. The dandelion is a pretty flower that doesn't need the human race to survive - and I think that's why its almost universally despised. We like to think that our gardens need us; that without our care and attention, they would falter and wither away. That makes all those hours we spend on our knees weeding and digging seem more valuable.

Dandelions don't bug me, though - I freely admit that I like to dig in the dirt for my own satisfaction. So if a bright, sunny little flower wants to pop up on my lawn with no special effort on my part, more power to it. I have never tried to achieve the kind of lawn where each grass blade is identical and exactly 2.8" high, and never will. After all, I'm not interested in golfing on my lawn. 

At any rate, the picture below shows some of my options for gardening this year - seeds care of my loving husband, who, when I first mentioned that I wanted a vegetable garden (years ago, when we were first married), curled his lip, looked me straight in the eye, and said flatly, "I'm NOT weeding it."

Fair enough, since he hates vegetables anyway. Flowers, on the other hand, he seems to feel differently about:

We have two packets of Nasturtiums, Pansy, Sunflowers, Cosmos (I love Cosmos), Columbine, and even some Morning Glories. You'll notice there's a packet of catnip seeds in there too. My husband is an enabler for our cat's habit.

Hurry, spring. I want to walk in the warm sun and dig around in the dirt.

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  1. I want spring to get here too. I need to be out in the warmth and sunshine. It hasn't been a really bad winter but I need the sun, warmth and flowers.


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