Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweater Sleeves

by Kelly

Winter has finally arrived now that it's February. Snow and frosty windows and a kettle of hot water for tea on the stove. My husband and I are Generation X, so we don't like coffee in the morning...or ever, in fact.

I'm now knitting sweater sleeves. I thought there might have been a problem with the pattern, but now I've reconsidered.

Here's the part of the pattern that worried me:

Change to larger needles and proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st each end of needle on next and every following 6th row to 54 (76-74-74), then every following 8th row to 68 (76-80-82) sts.

I'm knitting the medium size, which is the second set of numbers. See how the 76 doesn't change? I took that to mean that I should increase every 6 rows to 76, without changing to 8th row increases. And that was fine, and I started knitting away...and then I began thinking, always a dangerous move for me. Would the shape of this triangle that I was making be too wide at the bottom, since there were more increases near the cuff than the other sizes? Was I going to end up with a baggy lower sleeve?

So I did an Internet search, and asked around in a couple of knitting forums, with mixed results. Then I broke down and dug out the knitting graph paper and did a rough graph of each sleeve so I could compare the basic shapes. And guess what...turns out that the shapes are actually pretty close to each other.

Eventually I decided that I'm going to knit the sleeve as the pattern says and if it looks at all suspicious, I'm going to do the math to figure out a two part slope comparable to the others and knit that sleeve also, and then compare the two.

I will not give up on this sweater project. Knitting resumes today.

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