Friday, February 15, 2013


by Kelly

For Valentine's Day, I didn't get flowers, or chocolates, or an evening of dancing. I also didn't do anything special for my husband, except maybe make him a pretty poor excuse for barbecue sauce.

We agreed long ago that since we tell each other "Love You" like 50 times a day, that it wasn't necessary to celebrate a manufactured holiday of love and affection. Sound bitter and cynical? That's okay....we ARE bitter and cynical, but we're bitter and cynical together, and that's what really matters.

What I did get for Valentine's Day, however, was the first robin of spring. Actually, I got about twenty robins, in a flock, hopping about on the snowless ground and looking pretty cold and unhappy, poor guys.

This is absolutely the earliest I have ever seen a robin here in Illinois. My personal record before was February 29th of a leap year. I don't know what they're doing here so early, but I wish them well. I never believe the groundhog, but when robins show up, spring is on the way, and spring means green grass, sunny skies, and maybe a flower or two.

I hope I get this sweater finished before spring arrives! Back to work...

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