Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping Day

With the holidays over and done with, my couponing king is back. For those who don't know - my DH (Darling Husband) is a bit addicted to couponing. The holidays set him back a bit, no time to devote to his second favorite hobby (baseball ranks #1), but back he is and with a vengeance! He did a number of shopping trips this weekend and I'll post his big haul momentarily, but first I have to show this one...

This may not look too impressive until I tell you that he spent 69 cents for it (95% savings).

  • 1 roll foil

  • 1 roll plastic wrap

  • 1 box of potatoes

  • 2 seasoning mixes

  • 20 string cheese

Wow! I was impressed. The bigger trip looked like this...

  • 9 twelve packs soda

  • 4 nine rolls paper towels

  • 10 salad dressings

  • 4 dishwashing liquid

  • 3 boxes Wheat Thins

  • 2 boxes dishwasher tabs

  • 3 boxes (45 ct) trash bags

  • 5 boxes freezer bags

  • 4 pouches potatoes

Retail was $210 - DH spent $65 - for a savings of 69%!

He's back baby...


  1. Okay, where is he shopping and how does he get his info? Is he doing the thing where he gets a bunch of newspapers? How many does he get?

    I've been trying to do the maybe not extreme but advanced couponing to save money and so far I have only been able to get to the point of saving 47% on one trip. Granted, not bad since that was my first attempt but still I always feel like I'm missing the big deals.

    Though it would help if MY DH would go along with the couponing. I tell him how I think it's smart not to get a lot of stuff unless you have coupons for it. We go to the store to buy three things while I shop for D's birthday present. He comes back with the whole stroller filled of groceries that I know we have coupons for back home. Ugh!!!

    1. We get 10 newspapers every Sunday for $1 each at Menards. We do price matches at Walmart and he uses coupon databases online. His favorites are and

  2. Wow, 10. I only get one so far but I want to get more if we ever move out into a bigger place. Right now we couldn't really stockpile anything.

    I'll have to try those sites. Lately, I've been using It's pretty good. Though I think my problem is that I'm always shopping just at Kroger here when maybe I should go to Wal-mart, too.

  3. Wow that is some amazing savings!!! Congrats!!

  4. That is amazing savings. I wish I could do that well. But I don't have storage space either.


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