Friday, November 9, 2012

First Snowflakes

by Kelly

Searching for snowflakes, I found some unusual patterns:
via LionBrand

The best thing about Lion Brand patterns is that the Errata is written in red, so you can see what you're getting into. And this comes with matching mittens - very cute. This is a knitting pattern, but never fear, the next one is crochet.

via So Far, So Good

I love this beautiful snowflake, even if it is a doily. And the best part is, she recreated this from a cast off doily she found in a thrift store. Free pattern available at her site, and while you're there, check out her Walled Garden Square, dug out of an old folder. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a library of paper patterns with no provenance.

Meanwhile, I took a quick break from gloves to make a few hats, including the candy dot one that I finally finished.

Oh well, break's over. Back to gloves!


  1. Errata is mistakes and typos in a pattern. Of course, if these companies would pay someone to test their patterns before they publish them, they wouldn't have an 'errata' page on their site. I would happily do that kind of work...but not for free, thanks.


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