Friday, September 7, 2012

Mary Maxim Aran Kimono Kit Review

by Kelly

The project for my aunt is done!

I tossed the finished product in the washer and tumble dried it for ten minutes and it is now wonderfully soft. And warm. Too warm to try on for even a few minutes in this ninety degree weather.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with this kit. The project was really fast to put together, even for an inexperienced knitter like me - it took less than two weeks. And the blend of knitting and crochet meant that it was never boring to work on. The acrylic yarn itself has varying thickness, so it self tweeds, without being either scraggly or too thick to work. And the little fluffs of dark gray add great texture and color.

There was also more than enough yarn to compete the project. I actually had a bit left over. Maybe my fabric should have been tighter?

My one quibble with the kit was the lack of guidance where seaming was concerned. I used mattress stitch on the vertical seam, and single crochet for the side seams. It actually worked out really well - it gives the garment a little more structure, while blending in perfectly with the edging.

At the same time, from the front or back, it's almost invisible:

Here's one last picture, posed artistically, as though I were putting it in the shop for sale:

I do love the colors and texture of that Aran Tweed yarn. I might have to get some for myself. It would make an awesome, soft and washable sweater. And with this latest success, I'm almost feeling brave enough to tackle the sweater project that has been languishing in a box since last winter. Almost.

Meanwhile, I had two gauge swatches that I had no use for - but then I got creative, so I took one of them apart and found another use for that yarn.

All together now....Awww! This little guy is going in the bag with the kimono. I hope my aunt gives him a good home.


  1. That is beautiful!!! Man, I wish I could make things that are that pretty.

  2. Okay, who made that amazing swirly blanket that's the last image in our blog header? That wasn't me!

  3. Beautiful! I,m with Stephanie. I wish I could make things like that. Your talents are amazing.


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