Friday, July 27, 2012

Show and Tell - Crochet Hexagons and Dreamcatchers

by Kelly

Crochet hexagon blanket finished!

At least, I think it is. It's standard afghan size, but it's got these bevelled side edges that I'm not sold on...

But for now, it's done. We're going to have a free stall at a local flea market, so this will be up for sale. If no one buys it, I'll bring it home and make sixteen half hexagons to clean up the edges. I should have just enough yarn left to do that. 

Meanwhile, my talented husband has also been crafting things to sell, with grapevine harvested from our now overgrown property.

Remember dreamcatchers?

My favorites, though, are the 'all natural' ones below. Ironically, if you click the one with the blue jay feather, you'll see a real spider web behind it.

The big stick was my idea. I wanted to show people that we aren't just reselling the dream catchers, but that my husband actually made them, so if someone wanted a custom order they would know to ask. I found that branch in the yard after the windstorm and dragged it up to the porch. My husband looked a little doubtful about the whole thing, probably because the stick is like six feet tall and HEAVY, but he humoured me and wound a web on it. And now he's in love with the idea, and decided to hang all the dreamcatchers on it, which is quite clever as it makes an awesome display and also solves the problem of how to hang them up. Let's hope it draws people in!

The acorns and oak leaves were my idea too. I guess I'm just a Druid at heart. And when we went to Stonehenge (of course we've been to Stonehenge, hasn't everyone??) I did feel this deep, spiritual connection kind of thing. But then we went to the giftshop (of course there was a giftshop, this is the modern day) and bought some worthless stuff that we no longer have, and the deep spiritual connection thing turned into sticker shock.

But even though we don't have the trinkets anymore, we still have our memories, and a picture, despite the prohibition against taking pictures without express written permission. As the locals say, "Poor Stonehenge."

Anyway, wish us luck at the market!

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