Friday, June 1, 2012

The Rented Garden, Continued

by Kelly

More pictures from the rented garden:

I saw a Baltimore Oriole (the bird, not the baseball player) for the first time, but didn't have my camera, so I used a picture I found at the Cornell University Bird Identifier site.  Pretty, isn't he?

CornellLab Ornithology

grape vines
Apparently grape vines have to be fertilized with fruit rinds and the like, because around the roots of these plants are little piles of fruit scraps, left by the owners of the property. Who knew?

Let's take a walk down this beautiful lane of trees and see what we can find...

Did I mention that the backyard looks onto the river?

I'd better keep my distance, since I can't swim. Luckily, there's a life preserver nearby...

And, to go with the enormous old oak in the front yard, a whole group of enormous old cedars in the back yard.

Such an amazing place.

Meanwhile, more roses are blooming back at our own house and my husband was sweet enough to brave the thorns and bring me a sampling.

This is officially called a 'Seven Sisters' rose, because the tiny blooms appear in bunches of seven. My husband renamed ours 'The Bi***', because it always turns its thorns against him if he gets too close. So although the Seven Sisters doesn't smell as sweet as our yellow roses, it does have attitude, which I find just as appealing. And yes, the rose has bitten me, too. I have special leather gloves gauntlets that I use for pruning it.

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