Friday, June 15, 2012

Embroidery on Denim

by Kelly

So I had all this denim that I had saved for some reason, and a sudden urge to embroider something. So here are the results...

This one started with the words 'flower girl' in pink. I was going to embroider a little girl in a white dress picking flowers, but that proved to be way too complicated for my simple design skills. So I settled on a white basket, the kind that a flower girl would carry in a wedding.

I added a bit of ribbon, a memento from our trip to Florida in November. And since I don't happen to know any flower girls at the moment, it's listed for sale in the shop. And then there are WIPs...

That up above is the Grinch's heart, which is, of course, two sizes too small. I'm not sure what these will ultimately become, but I love the look of that little red heart. If I had enough red floss, I'd probably be embroidering them everywhere. Luckily, I'm all out of red at the moment.

And another flower from the garden, just because.

These flowers kept disappearing from the plants, and reappearing scattered all over the lawn. I found out why this morning, when I saw a squirrel pick one and eat out the bottom, presumably to get that nectar hidden down inside. I would never have imagined such a thing unless I'd seen it with my own eyes.


  1. I saw the Flower Girl posted in the shop the other day and thought what a cute idea! Was that your own inspiration?

  2. Well, the basket and all the other embroidery were my design, but framing it in a hoop isn't - I shamelessly stole that idea from the CRAFT site :)


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