Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy Crochet, Pom Poms and Alliums

by Kelly

While I'm waiting on yarn for a broomstick lace project that I'm working on, I went browsing for easy crochet projects and found this neat pattern for Super Simple Hexagons from the blog One Loop Short.


Granny square hexagons - simple and flower-like and I can use up all these odd balls of yarn in a productive way. Perfect!

Even better, she also has a tutorial for Easy Pom Poms that I can't wait to try! If you have ever ground your teeth with frustration while trying to cut cardboard circles for pom poms, you should definitely check out this tutorial. So simple and obvious! Why didn't I think of that?

 And where or where did she get that lovely purple yarn? That bright purple pom pom looks exactly like the Alliums I used to grow around my house. I don't know what ever happened to those flowers, although I suspect the bulbs were eaten by the squirrels that were always digging in that flowerbed. Squirrels can eat anything. And Alliums are related to onions, after all.


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