Monday, February 6, 2012

Year of the Dragon

by Kelly

Chinese New Year has come and gone, and this is officially The Year of the Dragon. I have been trying to find a sewing pattern for a plush dragon without much luck, but I did stumble across some interesting things along the way...

First, there's this adorable little guy from All About Ami. Look at those ears/wings! Aww!

All About Ami

Then there's this more traditional European version from LucyRavenscar.

LucyRanvenscar shop

Also available on her site is a free pattern for a wee knight to do battle with the fierce crochet dragon:

But to be more true to the chinese style of dragon, this knitting pattern can't be beat:

Ellen's Whimsical Wonders

 This pattern is supposed to be intermediate level, using both knitting and crochet techniques.  Hmmm.... sounds like an interesting challenge.


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