Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Things in the Shop

by Donna

Congratulations to Kimberley R. for winning our giveaway. I couldn't believe all the comments we received and I hope all of you continue to monitor our blog and make comments on our posts. We certainly got lots of new ideas to make for our shop. To start, I have made a pair of fingerless gloves and they are now listed in our shop. Here is a picture of them. I used a free pattern from this site. I really love the way they look. The only thing I would do differently if I made them again would be to add a couple more rows to them to make them a little longer.

I also listed this chenille scarf. I have never worked with chenille. The yarn looks like it is made with a lot of fibers on a string. I found that you have to be careful with the yarn. If you have to take stitches apart the fibers separate and often the stitches knot and you can't get them apart without breaking the yarn. I couldn't get my foundation chain the correct length and when I tried to take it apart, fibers knotted up and I had to cut the yarn off and start again. I will use chenille again but I learned something.

The finished scarf is made from the pattern at this site. It is very warm and pretty and I love the bumpy popcorn detail down the middle of the scarf.

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